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Having a Baby is a Lot Like Traveling

traveling baby

Exhilarating, exciting, fascinating, awe-inspiring…. and also terrifying, exhausting, intimidating, overwhelming… These are all words that could be used to describe travel, but from my newest perspective- they also describe how it feels to bring a tiny little human home from a hospital. Sorry you haven’t seen me around in a while. I’ve been focusing on […]

Semana Santa in Sevilla

Every year, during the last week of Lent, almost every town and city in Spain celebrates Semana Santa or Holy Week. Culminating on Easter Sunday, Semana Santa is from April 13-20 this year (2014), kicking off with Palm Sunday. It’s also one of the biggest celebrations in the country. Catholic fraternities and brotherhoods (hermandades and cofradías) lead somber […]

I’m Moving to Spain!!!

I’ve decided to make the leap! I’m leaving Nashville and moving to Spain after the birth of my baby girl in June! You may or may not know this about me, but the only time I ever lived abroad was in Sevilla, the southern Andalusian region of Spain. It quickly became home to me, and I’ve […]

Travel Bloggers Share Their Favorite Ski Resorts

Spring officially started eight days ago, and there’s no better time to hit the slopes at your favorite ski resort. Why? Shoulder season! Lift tickets and ski rentals are heavily discounted, restaurants offer great pre fixe deals, and accommodation rental prices drop to an all-year low. I wrote about my favorite family ski vacation experiences […]

Happy St Patrick’s Day! What’s it Mean, Anyway?

st patricks day

Happy St Patrick’s Day! March 17, the day the patron saint of Ireland died, commemorates St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. So, who is this Saint Patrick guy, exactly? Like many Americans, I grew up celebrating this festive holiday alongside the large U.S. Irish diaspora, not knowing much about the historical significance […]

An African Leprechaun in Zimbabwe?

African leprechaun

With St. Paddy’s day fast approaching.. I thought I’d share a little tale about a tiny, supernatural, leprechaun-like creature that resides in Africa.* A Tale of the African Leprechaun Once upon a time in a rural village in Zimbabwe….. A bunch of Western tourists sat in a mud hut, huddled around an 81-year-old almost naked […]

What it really means to live abroad in Spain

The culture shock set in immediately. As I stood at my bag claim carousel, clouds of cigarette smoke engulfed me. I knew Spaniards smoked a lot, but inside an international airport? At baggage claim? Wow. This was different, for sure. This was Madrid. I had arrived. My lackluster confidence began to wane even further as […]

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