Planning an Argentina Trip

When planning an Argentina trip, you must consider 1) what parts of the country you want to see 2) the duration of your stay 3) the types of activities you like and 4) the weather. Areas of interest: Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Mendoza, Bariloche, Patagonia, and Salta & Jujuy Let’s review each one. Buenos Aires: If you enjoy a… Continue reading Planning an Argentina Trip

Movie Monday: Wine and Dine in Colonia de Sacramento

A visit to Colonia de Sacramento gives travelers a perfect excuse to relax, eat and drink. Food, inextricable from culture, is an extremely important (and fun!) aspect of travel. If we didn’t pay attention to the flavors, smells, sites and sounds, we might as well be standing still and going nowhere. Some of my favorite traveling experiences… Continue reading Movie Monday: Wine and Dine in Colonia de Sacramento

Daytrippin’ to Colonia Uruguay

Sleepily Settled on the Rio de la Plata, Colonia del Sacramento awaits your urban escape from Buenos Aires. A mere hour hydrofoil ride away, there is no reason to miss a day trip to the lovely cobblestoned streets of Colonia. Founded in 1680 by the Portuguese, the picturesque town experienced a tumultuous history of wars, treaties, and constant crown-changes between the… Continue reading Daytrippin’ to Colonia Uruguay

Visiting Estancia Villa Maria in Argentina’s Pampas

Italians have their villas, the French and Swiss have their chateaus, and The English have their manors. In the Argentinian countryside, these lavish country estates are known as estancias. About an hour’s drive south of Buenos Aires, the luxurious Estancia Villa Maria awaits on 1,542 perfectly manicured acres. With it’s eleven well-appointed suites, elegant common rooms and gourmet… Continue reading Visiting Estancia Villa Maria in Argentina’s Pampas

MALBA is Buenos Aires’ MoMA

The MALBA. Emerging from the rubble of Argentina’s crumbling economy in 2001, The Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires arose, a proud and prominent pillar of Argentinian culture. The museum’s founder, businessman Eduardo Constantini, contributed his collection of more than 220 works of Latin American art from the 19th and 20th centuries. The… Continue reading MALBA is Buenos Aires’ MoMA

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Buenos Aires Restaurants- In Review

Welcome to the foodie mecca of South America. Buenos Aires restaurants hold court with serious food enthusiasts from all over the world. From traditional parillas offering Argentinian comfort food to sophisticated modern-minimialist brasseries, Buenos Aires offers a vast variety of dining options, rivaling other urban food enclaves, like New York and Paris. Don Julio – An… Continue reading Buenos Aires Restaurants- In Review

Movie Monday: Tango is Alive in Argentina

Tango originated along the Rio de la Plata, the natural border between Argentina and Uruguay, in the 1890′s. The sultry dance was influenced by both European and African cultures, like the candombe dances performed by African slaves in Uruguay. Despite it’s widespread popularity and prevalence in mainstream Argentinian culture, tango was born in lower class “slum” districts… Continue reading Movie Monday: Tango is Alive in Argentina

Parrilla Tour Buenos Aires

In a city of thirteen million people, you can imagine how many culinary options there are to choose from. So what’s a culture-loving foodie to do when presented with so many choices? Easy. Go on The Parrilla Tour of Buenos Aires. Founded by David Carlisle of Portland, Oregon and Santiago Palermo of Buenos Aires, the tour offers… Continue reading Parrilla Tour Buenos Aires

Leaving Sixty-Nine Behind: Traveling to Country Number Seventy

Argentina beckons. In two weeks I’ll be strolling down the rambling streets of Buenos Aires, visiting the land of gauchos, estancias, and the birthplace of the tango for the first time. Argentina will become my 70th country in the world to visit. I have mixed feelings about this number “70”, partly because 69 seems intriguing to many people (and… Continue reading Leaving Sixty-Nine Behind: Traveling to Country Number Seventy