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The International Mother

International Mother's Day

I recently met a young woman from Kenya. Let’s call her Halina (which means gentle in Swahili). During our second encounter, the two of us began exchanging niceties about our toddlers. She had previously introduced me to a little program called Choo-Choo TV; an international-themed children’s education channel on YouTube. My daughter has become quite the fan. […]

13 South Africa Highlights

South Africa highlights

A few years ago, my sister and I traveled to South Africa, and it quickly became one of my favorite countries. Sweeping ocean vistas along the Garden Route, epic hiking trails in lush national parks, “big five” safaris in game reserves, verdant wine country, and hip urban areas… what’s not to love? With so much […]

8 Reasons You Should Go To Botswana Right Now


As we barreled along Namibia’s long, smooth roads amidst a vast, great desert, we set our sites on a more lush land, one full of exotic creatures and friendly people, a place where the sunset blazes red in the sky and the ground quakes from elephants thundering by.  We were heading for Botswana. “The police […]

Having a Baby is a Lot Like Traveling

traveling baby

Exhilarating, exciting, fascinating, awe-inspiring…. and also terrifying, exhausting, intimidating, overwhelming… These are all words that could be used to describe travel, but from my newest perspective- they also describe how it feels to bring a tiny little human home from a hospital. Sorry you haven’t seen me around in a while. I’ve been focusing on […]

An African Leprechaun in Zimbabwe?

African leprechaun

With St. Paddy’s day fast approaching.. I thought I’d share a little tale about a tiny, supernatural, leprechaun-like creature that resides in Africa.* A Tale of the African Leprechaun Once upon a time in a rural village in Zimbabwe….. A bunch of Western tourists sat in a mud hut, huddled around an 81-year-old almost naked […]

Trending Travel Destinations for 2014 – Some May Surprise You!

trending travel

Well, 2014 has started with bang! Mother nature wants us all to know what season we’re stuck in right now, doesn’t she? While we freeze our tushies off in North America, thanks to the ‘polar vortex’ that is sweeping across the continent, those on the other side of the hemisphere are suffering record heat waves. […]

My Crazy Christmas Travel Wish List

I’ve seen quite a few Christmas travel wish lists out there. Some are practical and realistic with a hint of whimsy, like Lance’s or Stephanie’s. Others are completely outlandish and outright hilarious., like the one over on The Flying Pinto. I’m leaning towards the outrageous, and we’ll see what Santa’s got up his sleeves. Maybe […]

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