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Why Ireland is the Ultimate Girls Trip Destination

girls tripDuring the summer of 2009, a couple of friends and I decided to take a girls trip to Ireland. Coincidentally, it was my last summer as a singleton as well (although this was not my last girls trip!). Ireland is many things: beautiful, mysterious, FUN, stunning, interesting, entertaining, historic…..the list goes on and on.

Right now, many of my travel blogging friends are making their way to the Emerald Isle for TBEX (if not already there). Since I can’t be there this week, I figured I would reminisce a bit about a magical week spent in Ireland with the girls four years ago.

Why is Ireland an ultimate girls trip destination?girls trip

1. The Irish Love Americans. They seemingly really love American women, in particular. Ireland could make the perfect bachelorette trip…

Things to notice in the video: “Michael Jackson is sh@#”  – America is “two-hundred and turty tree” (adorable) – “America is f-ing sh@# hot”  We were celebrating the 4th of July, and I think the Irish fellas in the stag party were more excited about it than we were!

2. In the summer, you can drive for so long and see so much with the extended daylight hours. An added bonus is going to dinner then the pubs at 10 PM when it is STILL LIGHT OUT!

girls trip3. The Irish are a super-friendly bunch. Seriously, I can’t say that I’ve met a friendlier nationality (as a whole). This makes the entire country seem super-hospitable, everywhere you go.

girls trip

4. It’s VERY easy to get around Ireland. As long as one of the ladies you’re with can drive stick-shift, you can rent a car and find your way around easily with a map. No GPS needed (although it would be helpful!). There isn’t a language barrier, so that is another ease factor (if you’re an English speaker, that is).

5. It’s fairly safe. Ireland has a relatively low rate of violent crime. We never felt unsafe for a moment.

6. The Irish can DRINK! Stereotypes do exist for a reason. If you’re looking for a fun time and want to cut loose with your gal-pals, Ireland will not judge you for your merriment. Like Vegas, only maybe the PG version.

7. There’s a perfect mix of natural beauty, culture, historical attractions and fun nightlife (really fun- but also very casual)- all tied up in a picturesque bow.

girls trip

PERFECT girls trip! Or a guys trip!!

Hope you enjoyed these humorous videos. I almost got this up for Movie Monday (sorry, twas traveling)! Stay tuned for more Ireland highlights in the coming days!


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