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My Strange Midwest Obsession

Ohio Midwest

What does “the Midwest” make you think of? If you’re 21% of the U.S. population that lives in the Midwest, then you might be thinking: “home” or “family.” Perhaps that’s too general. So I took a quick poll – the super scientific kind – from my (4) token mid-Western friends. Here are some of their […]

The International Mother

International Mother's Day

I recently met a young woman from Kenya. Let’s call her Halina (which means gentle in Swahili). During our second encounter, the two of us began exchanging niceties about our toddlers. She had previously introduced me to a little program called Choo-Choo TV; an international-themed children’s education channel on YouTube. My daughter has become quite the fan. […]

San Diego Zoo – The World’s Best?

San Diego Zoo

When my daughter and I headed to San Diego recently to visit family,  I took a quick poll in a few travel blogger communities and asked the question that every parent traveling with their child seems to ask: What should we do? Do I take her to Sea World or the San Diego Zoo? Or both? Or […]

Backyard Travel in Baton Rouge

Louisiana Swamp

So often in life, we overlook what’s right in front of us. We take our backyard for granted. We’re so steeped in day-to-day minutiae that our habits and every day surroundings start to feel tedious – even boring. Many of us move away from our birthplaces. Sometimes we go back for visits. Other times, no  connections […]

Disney with Toddlers: Is It Worth It?


Disney… It’s that magical place we dream of as children . . . and dream of taking our children to as adults. Some parents may avoid it like the plague, but most, if asked directly, will admit wanting to relive their own childhood nostalgia through their kids’ Disney experience. I’m one of those parents. I loved Disney […]

Seven Days in Bali


Call it serendipity. I received a text message from a friend today whom I haven’t connected with in a while. She mentioned that she was dating this great new guy and going with him to Bali for Christmas this year instead of home for the holidays. “I love love love Bali!” I texted back. “In […]

The Best Baton Rouge Itinerary

  How great would it be To be invited to experience your home town through a fresh, visitors lens? Oh wait! I was invited to visit Baton Rouge as a guest! A tourist. A traveler. An explorer. I had the rare opportunity of seeing home from a different perspective. And that is just refreshing, isn’t it? I […]

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