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Seven Days in Bali


Call it serendipity. I received a text message from a friend today whom I haven’t connected with in a while. She mentioned that she was dating this great new guy and going with him to Bali for Christmas this year instead of home for the holidays. “I love love love Bali!” I texted back. “In […]

Durga Puja: The Ultimate Bengali Experience

This is a guest post from Arnab of Travel Andy. Durga Puja: Calcutta’s Carnival If you want to experience everything that identifies the Bengali culture and personality, you must experience Durga Puja (worshipping of Goddess Durga) in Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta). Just because I mentioned the word “worshipping,” don’t assume this is an overtly religious festival! The religious […]

Top Tips for China Travel

China Travel

While I’m away on maternity leave, please enjoy this guest post from Agnes of eTramping about traveling in China! Visiting China can be one of the best travel experiences you will ever have. The Land of Dragons has everything that an adventurous backpacker or a typical vacationer, whether experienced or inexperienced in traveling, could dream about: beautiful mountains, stunning rice […]

Throwback Thursday – The Great Wall of China

Semester at Sea

Leaving the smog of Beijing behind, we ascended 2,077 steps to reach the pinnacle of The Great Wall. The Mongolian warriors were waiting for us when we reached the top. Wanting to fight with honor, the Mongol tossed me a battle blade, and the fighting commenced. He was no match for me, and he cowardly […]

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