Viena, Austria

Best cities in the world to live in 2022

Every traveler knows that spending time in one of the best cities in the world to live transforms you . Beyond tourism, moving to another country opens you up to new knowledge, adventures, friendships, and opportunities for the future. You imagine?

Of course, living abroad is a challenging experience. But in the world there are plenty of options that will captivate you. They are from the largest cities in the world, through ecological cities and reaching small cities of charm.

Viena, Austria

Among the great capitals of Europe, Vienna, that of Austria, stands out for several reasons. Although it is not the largest, its offer of shops, culture and entertainment are not the same as Berlin or Rome, for example. That without the hustle and bustle that those have.

To this it adds an affordable rental cost compared to its neighbors in western and northern Europe. Here you can find apartments from $900 euros . Meanwhile, public transport does not exceed $45 euros and the pantry costs $40 . Those prices are impossible in London or Paris!

When you travel to Vienna, don’t forget to get your Vienna Pass , which includes full admission to over 60 attractions and the option to add transportation cost . Among them are the unmissable palaces of Schönbrunn , Hofburg and the House of Mozart . The city has a great option to enjoy nightlife even you can enjoy online casino as well.

Madrid, Spain

To the west, the Spanish capital is also taking off as one of the best cities in the world to live in. This is due, in part, to its cost of living ($800 euros per month) and rent in a shared apartment (from $300 euros per month) that are super attractive for foreigners.

The city is fortunate to have up to 100 sunny days and a mild climate for much of the year . And, of course, it is home to a historical legacy of more than a thousand years that is shown in the Prado, Reina Sofía, Gran Vía and other places to see in Madrid.

Although there are still improvements to be made in terms of traffic and pollution, in Madrid you will live the experience of a cosmopolitan city. There is always a theater, cinema or club to go to at night. Its restaurants offer the best of Iberian food and food from around the world.

Dublin, Ireland

This 2022, a certain ranking placed London at the top of the best cities in the world to live. But let’s face it: it’s also one of the most expensive. In contrast, the capital of neighboring Ireland is becoming an alternative for thousands of foreign students and workers.

Living in Dublin is not only a pass to the bohemian Irish. It is also the ideal platform to land in Europe due to its quite attractive cost of living . Consider that, here, you can find shared apartments from $400 euros . You can’t get that in London! You can find best Australian casinos to play online pokies while you travel.

Regarding education, suffice it to say that excellence is a tradition. And yes, you want  to look for a job in Ireland , its capital awaits you with a booming technology industry . So big has it been that IT giants like Google and Amazon have their European offices here.

New York, United States

From Europe let’s go to America. Without a doubt, the most famous city in the “New World” is the American Big Apple. Symbol of cosmopolitanism, glamour, the avant-garde and the American way of life , this city offers you surprising experiences in every corner.

Adventurers never cease to be fascinated by its thousands of shops, large parks, world-class museums, theaters and cinemas. Your palate melts with the extensive menu of one of the cities with the best street food. And, to quench your thirst, there’s a revival of amazing bars and taverns.

Of course, traffic and crowds are always a problem. And, if we talk about the cost of living, well… you have to be prepared. The rent of a room with its own bathroom in Manhattan alone can range from $800 to $3,500 USD per month.

Toronto, Canada

About a 7-hour drive north of New York is another of the best cities in the world to live in. We are talking about Toronto , the financial capital of Canada . Thousands of foreigners arrive here every year for the wide opportunities for work and study.

The safety and cleanliness of the streets are exemplary. Added to this is a privileged location on the shores of Lake Ontario. In hot summers, this is a blessing for cooling down. Without a doubt, these are enough reasons to live in Toronto even for a season.

Among the “buts” that many travelers put to this city is the weather. And it is that, in winter, the thermometer can drop to -10 ° C. Meanwhile, the cheapest rental options range from $850 to $1,200 USD in a shared apartment.

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