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Punta Cana Rentals: Five Reasons to Pick an Apartment Over a Resort

punta cana rentals

Punta Cana, fondly referred to as the land of all-inclusives, is known for its massive ocean front property estates, where tourists are shuttled around in golf carts between the beach and the all-you-can-eat buffet. So, what is the alternative for travelers who want to enjoy those same pristine beaches and turquoise sea without having to hop […]

Punta Cana and the All-Inclusive Debate


Are you a pro-all-inclusive resort person, or does the thought of buffet lines and Americans comparing their time-shares and late-night shot stories make you cringe? Personally, I tend to lean a little more toward the latter, although I don’t feel the need to be travel-snobby or judgmental about it. So, when I won a three night […]

Hotel El Beaterio: The Coolest Place to Stay in Santo Domingo

El Beaterio

Strolling along cobblestone streets, through hidden pedestrian alleys lined with outdoor cafés and beautiful bougainvillea-filled parks where men play cards and dominoes- you have landed in the Americas’ first colonial city. Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial (Colonial Zone) is considered the first European settlement in the new world. In 1492, Christopher Columbus landed on the island […]

The Dominican Republic Bekons

Dominican Republic

“Where can I go in the Caribbean that is nice yet affordable?” “I want to go somewhere that is relaxing but cultural… I want the experience of a pampered resort, but I don’t want to feel like I’m in the U.S. transplanted somewhere else, surrounded by buffet-loving tourists.” These are the questions and comments I […]

My 17 Favorite Romantic Travel Experiences (Celebrating Love All Month!)

Romantic travel

As we celebrate love this month with Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite romantic travel destinations around this beautiful world of ours. I’ve been collating information for this post for a while, and it wasn’t ready for Valentine’s Day- but we can continue to celebrate love and romance, can’t we? […]

Trending Travel Destinations for 2014 – Some May Surprise You!

trending travel

Well, 2014 has started with bang! Mother nature wants us all to know what season we’re stuck in right now, doesn’t she? While we freeze our tushies off in North America, thanks to the ‘polar vortex’ that is sweeping across the continent, those on the other side of the hemisphere are suffering record heat waves. […]

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