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Amazing Wakatobi Underwater Video and Photos

Check out this amazing video and slide show, courtesy of Wakatobi Dive Resort!

The footage is a tad bit better than mine, I reckon (check it out here and here). Pay special attention to the microscopic, camouflaged, and brilliantly colored creatures. Wakatobi is known for some of the best micro diving in the world.

Particularly noteworthy moments in the video:

  1. Orang Utan Crab @ 4:35 (four minutes, thirty-five seconds into the video)
  2. Cuttlefish @ 6:40
  3. A swarming school of fish @ 9:12
  4. The Frogfish @ 12:54 (probably my favorite)
  5. A sneaky lobster dance @ 14:51
  6. And a fish that growls @ 15:55

I hope you enjoy the video and slideshow, and I hope even more that it inspires you to put Wakatobi on your bucket list!!!

Thanks for reading!

♥ Lindsay

If you have any questions about my experience at Wakatobi, please feel free to contact me!

*None of my Wakatobi posts were compensated or sponsored. These posts are solely my opinion. 

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