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More Underwater Videos From Wakatobi, Indonesia

Bringing you more underwater footage from Wakatobi Dive Resort in Sulawesi, Indonesia, I continue to delve into my archives and try to select the most interesting (and diverse) videos for your viewing pleasure.

Sly Scorpionfish

Can you see him? He’s almost completely unrecognizable, his colors blending in perfectly with the surrounding coral. Look for the bulging eyes and mouth. My hand gives scale at 1:14 (one minute, 14 seconds)

Sun and Sky

There are a few significant things in this video. The hoards of schooling fish everywhere you look, the nursery of baby fishes in coral at about the one minute mark, and the view of sun and clouds from under the sea at about 1:30.

Completely Camouflaged Crocodile Fish

Can you see him? He’s so well camouflaged! Look for the fins (you can see his face better after the 30 second mark). Also, notice the eel that I pan to at about second 29 in the video.

So, I’m no Nat Geo videographer. In fact, I’m pretty lousy at taking underwater video. Hey, cut me some slack, though! This was my first time using a GoPro, and I didn’t have a stick-rig for it. The video’s a little shaky, and as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am not able to upload edited videos to YouTube, so y’all are stuck with the messy, long, unedited versions (for now).

Christmas Tree Worms

Christmas tree worms are tube-building polychaete worms. I’ve been obsessed with them since I first saw them back in my juvenile snorkeling days. I loved swishing water past them to make them recoil into their rocky host then watch them slowly reemerge in all their feathery plumage glory.

Gorgeous Soft Corals, arguably the most colorful marine life in the seas.

Notice how some of the coral are shaped like pipe-organs. Then there’s a scorpion fish glued to the coral at 2:19 in the video, and another one at 3:20.

Another long one, check out the colorful soft corals in the beginning. Then, the alien-like sea cucumber at 1:30 is pretty groovy.

More soft coral and a really pretty nudibranch at the end of the video.

Lastly (for today) a pretty, spotted stingray. 

Check back for more underwater footage from Wakatobi, Indonesia, including poisonous sea snakes, pygmy sea horses, leaf and frog fish, eels, and much more!

What are your favorite videos? What would you like to see?

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