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Hi!! Welcome!! I’m SO glad you’re here!

My name is Lindsay, and I started this blog 4 years ago without much clarity on the why of it all.

I just knew that I loved to write, I loved traveling, and I wanted to share stories with folks like yourself who might have similar world-y interests. You can read my original About page here.

After several years of doing much traveling – internally, that is – spiritually –  on this insanely painful yet magnificent life journey that we are all on – together, I’ve realized what I intended to create, and I still hope to build it – so all will come! 

My hope is that this can be a community for soul searching, life-loving individuals who want to connect with others, to share stories, and most importantly – empathy, with one another. Life is really tough. We need each other to survive it.

I want us to learn from one another – from all of our mistakes, our triumphs, our hurts, our joys.

I have always been drawn to traveling and meeting different types of people from all sorts of cultures that look nothing like my own.

I think that the more you see how others do life, the more you start to realize there’s not one “right” way to live. The world does not end when Willy, your 4th grade crush, loves you best friend instead of you.

It also doesn’t end when your marriage ends, or your mother dies, or you get raped.

It might feel like it’s ending. But as human beings in a bruitiful world (brutal + beautiful … check out Glennon Doyle Melton’s definition, and stunning interpretation of life here), we all – at some point – experience the most magnificent love, and with that love, the greatest, earth-shattering tragedy when we inevitably lose those we love.

The most amazing thing is that the pain and sorrow we endure connect – us – all to – each – other. We belong to one another.

So that, in essence, is why I started this blog years ago, although I didn’t know it at the time. I wanted a way for us to be able to transcend our cultural restrictions, the “rules of the world”, to reach each other at the very core of our humanity.

Because we all love our children, our parents, our siblings and friends. We all feel the deepest sense of loss when they are taken from us. We all experience the crippling fear of death, failure, and pain.

Here, in this community, we can lift each other up through our shared experiences – our common humanity – that unites us all. We can be global citizens by acknowledging each of our unique cultures and celebrating our differences with a sense of oneness.

I may continue to share travel stories and tips from time to time, since that’s how it all started. But I think it’s most important to share the narratives of our lives. To reach out and say “Hey, life’s freaking hard. I’m hurting too. And it’s ok. Because that is just part of it. We will get through this. Together.”

You are unique and you are beautiful, and we belong to each other! Love is the universal language that we will speak and empathy will be our practice.

I encourage all of you to share your stories, too. In comments, in emails, on social media.

Please, let’s celebrate life – the good, the bad, the ugly – here together. United. Unique. And with total and complete honesty and hearts full of love. Let’s heal one another. Namaste.


LindsayHey there. I’m Lindsay. Welcome to The Traveluster, a culture-focused travel site. I’m an anthropologist, geographer and international conflict resolution scholar. I hope you’ll enjoy my unique travel perspective! Read more about me ->

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