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Movie Monday: The Underwater Magic of Indonesia’s Wakatobi Dive Resort


For today’s Movie Monday, I want to share a stunning video from Wakatobi Dive Resort in Sulawesi, Indonesia. My trip to Wakatobi was quite easily the most amazing SCUBA diving experience I’ve ever had. The resort was an immaculate concept of understated luxury as well. Anyone who is serious about diving should make the trip here to see some of the world’s best and most fascinating micro marine creatures. Located in the ecologically diverse Coral Triangle, and near Indonesia’s Sulawesi island, Wakatobi offers divers an experience like no other.

You have the option to stay at the rustically elegant resort to dive the reefs near the island or to experience the live-aboard, the Pelagian Yacht to venture further afield. Some visitors opt for both options, a week each. You can’t loose, either way, in my eyes. You will not want to miss a single dive!



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