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Food Fun Friday: The Donut Burger (i.e. Heart Attack in a Box)

Donut Burger

I’ve had my fair share of epic culinary experiences living in DC, Spain and now Nashville– as well as around the world, in food-forward places like Buenos Aires, New York, Chicago, and New Orleans. My taste buds have been fairly sophisticated since I was about five and found I had a hankering for escargot, raw oysters, and caviar. But make no mistake about it, I love a good, old-fashioned dive and jive burger or fried chicken meat-n-three any day! 

My culinary inquisitivities have led me on many different food fun adventures in Nashville.

The one I want to share today is that of the donut burger….

I was cruising around downtown one day after an appointment when a sudden hunger pain struck. Moving from the nausea-ridden first-trimester in to the more comfortable second-trimester, my appetite started to return with a vengeance. I wanted something good, hearty and greasy (since I had basically survived on bread and saltines for the previous three months). I pulled up my Scout Mob app to see what was nearby, when something at Piranha’s Bar and Grill caught my eye. The photo of the Italian meat-piled-high Cappacola lured me in, but it was the Donut Burger that reeled me in. According to Scout Mobbers, it was a menu highlight.

donut burger

photo: Kevin D . via Yelp

It actually sounded disgusting. A greasy burger patty with cheese and bacon in between two sweet, glazed donuts? How can that be good? But it was weird, and when it comes to me and food, the weirder the better. The lady behind the bar sealed the deal for me: “It’s so amazing!” she said. So I ordered both- the “normal” and delicious looking Cappacola and the strange and not-at-all-healthy donut burger.

The donut burger was hands down one of the best “burgers” I’ve ever had. Keep in mind, I’m playing with a bit of a sweet tooth, but the sugary glazed donut complimented the juicy, salty burger and bacon perfectly. It’s hard to describe, but the balance was spot-on. My (somewhat picky) husband even liked it! And it was piled high in spicy french fries.

Oh, and you totally have to eat it with a fork and knife!

donut burger

Photo: Erica C via Yelp

Since those transitional, touch-and-go days of nausea, my diet has improved significantly. But if you ever find yourself in Nashville wanting a late night or hangover food fix, swing on over to Piranha’s for a donut burger, and tell them Lindsay sent ya. They’ll have no idea what you’re talking about, but I just wanted to say that.

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