Apologies….and back to Ireland


So, I guess I shouldn’t make promises unless I fully intend to keep them! Last Friday, an entire week ago, I asked you to guess where the next stop of our Ireland road-trip was (perhaps to sip on Irish coffees?) and left you with a little message to “Check back on Monday!” Psych! I meant check back in a week, on Friday.

No, that was not my intention, I assure you. I was sidetracked and consumed with personal goings-on and travel that need not be discussed in this forum. Regardless, I am sorry for the neglect. I’m sure you’ve all been sitting around, waiting with bated breath to hear more Irish tales and see more scenic photos. It’s quite possible that if I had not mentioned it, no one would have noticed? But my blog noticed. My lonely little blog, I’m so sorry for neglecting you for a full week. I digress…. back to Ireland.



Travel Amnesia

In my attempt to recreate our travel itinerary from four years ago, it was inevitable that I would suffer castle confusion (there were so many!) or get a couple of things out of order. Thus, the dilemma of post-publishing a bygone trip (which I decided not to journal about because I was too busy laughing and drinking beer). I forgot to mention our visit to Dunguaire Castle before heading down to the Cliffs of Moher.

Dunguaire Castle

Dunguaire Castle

Look at that stately lad; so proud, so Irish. Actually, it is said to be the most photographed castle in Ireland (according to Wikipedia). Built around 1520 by the Hynes clan, Dunguaire is in great shape. She is a photogenic lass. (Which is it? Lass, lad? Are castles feminine like boats are?)

Ireland Ireland

As for the next stop after -> Dublin -> Connemara -> Cliffs of Moher … yes, we did hit the Burren House to enjoy that quintessential Irish pastime….


Irish Coffee

An Irish Coffee on a chilly summer day with coastal views = the perfect R&R after lots of driving and site-seeing.

Burren House Burren House

Adorable Stereotypes

I’m sensing some recurring Irish themes here that may seem a bit cliche. What is the saying? Stereotypes exist for a reason? When you think of Ireland, you think of….. castles, beer (Guinness), green pastures, rainy days, leprechauns, and I’ll throw a couple of more your way….




Herding animals such as goats

Moving on from the Burren Region, we headed to the beautiful Dingle Peninsula next, which I’ll cover in my next post. Check back on Monday (or maybe Tuesday, possibly Wednesday). I clearly have commitment issues, but I promise I won’t be so neglectful next week.

And despite my somewhat schizophrenic method of writing about one country, then jumping to a current trip, then back to the country before the last one (which I never finished writing about), I will attempt to finish this Irish train of thought. I’ll try to cover our entire itinerary and our amazing experiences before I write that one last post on Baton Rouge (which has been on my list since August)….or the four posts I intended to finish fully covering our Argentina trip back in July.

Maybe chronology doesn’t matter to you? I must say that I find my current method tends to confuse some family and friends whom often ask, “Where did you just go? Were you in Ireland?” Hmm. That was four years ago. Let’s try this more orderly, organized way and see if that brings more clarity.

Oh, and you know you can totally expect a very “fall” themed post, maybe even a blogger round-up. A one-year blogiversary (cringe at that word) mention of my very first (three!) posts on fall foliage? Maybe…. Until then- it’s all about Ireland.

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