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Sulawesi Indonesia’s Dream Dive Destination: Wakatobi Underwater Videos Part 5

This is the fifth and final installment of underwater videos from the fabulous Wakatobi Dive Resort in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

As I mentioned in my last video post, I’ve always loved pufferfish. Look at the amazing designs on this guy! The stripes are like a labyrinth, snaking around the more prominent spots. It was fun swimming with him (he moves a bit slower than most fish).

Another shy pufferfish hiding beneath an anemone.

Check out the angelfish, colorful soft and hard corals, and the nursery of baby fish towards the end of the video.

As previously mentioned, Wakatobi is known for the best micro-diving in the world. Even the sea snails are pretty.

Underwater feather dusters, these behave similarly to christmas tree worms, retracting their plumage when touched.

I love how the sunlight refracts through the water, dancing around the coral like an underwater disco ball.

Huge humphead wrasse: even though Wakatobi is known for beautiful small creatures, there are a fair share of large critters as well.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this underwater video series on Wakatobi! Thanks for stopping by!

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