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Phang Nga Bay, Thailand: Floating Gypsy Village and Mangrove Forests

Sea Gypsy Village, Phang Nga Bay

Sea Gypsy Village, Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay should not be missed if you are traveling to Thailand. Even if you skip James Bond Island, you will not be disappointed by the striking landscape of karst formations bursting from the clear Andaman Sea.



Picture perfect




Boating through the mangroves via long tail

In an interesting turn of events, my brother Cameron, Alan and I boarded a long tail boat for what we thought would be a 30 second ride to the floating Sea Gypsy village (I like saying Sea Gypsy). When we initially passed the village, we quietly agreed that we must be going to the real, non-tourist version of the gypsy village that was a little further off the beaten path. After about 30 minutes of venturing into the mangrove forested canals (which were pretty cool), we decided that we were on a different tour. Once we finally got back to the catamaran, our skipper said there was a small miscommunication, and we basically got a free tour that normally costs an extra 600 baht, or $20 USD.

Sea Gypsy village

Sea Gypsy village

We motored right on past the village, straight through the center of the photo and beyond…

We motored right on past the village, straight through the center of the photo and beyond…

Although we had not planned the journey, it turned out to be a great one.



We cruised along and went through this cave.


Yes, this one.


Our guide pointed out all kinds of interesting things to us, such as ancient cave art, monkeys, and large lizards.



cool caves

What images do you see in the cave art?

cool cave art

cool cave art

Tomorrow’s Post: Stranded on an island, survival tactics discussion.

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