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Fall Foliage on Fire, Part 3: England and Connecticut

Brilliant red ivy climbing an English manor

This is a bit of a departure from the previous two posts in this series. In October, 2008, I met some friends in England for a long weekend following a work trip to Barcelona. Fall was in full force, and the foliage was on fire!

I took a solo day trip to Oxford after my friends left London.  I wanted to take full advantage of the colorful season and visit a place I had never been to in England while I was in the neighborhood, so to speak.

I should mention that I shot these photos with my iPhone, hence the haze effect. Not exactly professional. I didn’t bring my nice Nikon on my work trip to Spain, so I made do with what I had.

There is something so prestigious and refined about Oxford, especially in the fall. It’s fun to channel your inner Harry Potter obsession or act like you’re on a J Crew shoot.

Moving on now… to New England

Some of the most striking fall foliage I’ve ever seen was in New England, in states like Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut.  In fact, when “leaf peepers” set out to see the most brilliant colors, they usually head for New England first. Unfortunately, all of my photos from this era of my life (when I spent a lot of time in New England) are on my old laptop, which crashed long ago, save a handful from Connecticut. Although these are not photos of vibrant autumn leaves, a pumpkin patch might be a close second in quintessential fall landscapes.

Pumpkin patch near Glastonbury, CT

This was my first pumpkin patch ever! I thought it was kind of cool…

If you had a free day or two in England, where would you go? Would you take a day trip somewhere by yourself?

Visit the blog tomorrow to see some more pics from our hike last weekend and Jager wearing a crown of fall leaves.

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