The Fantastic Beaches of Phuket, Thailand

It is little wonder, to anyone who has ever visited the marvellous destination of Phuket, Thailand, that it continues to grow in popularity with hundreds of thousands of tourists and expats from all across the world. One of Phuket’s principal attractions is the amazing selection of beaches to be found there, which rival that of anywhere else in the world. In this article we will look at three of the very best beaches to be found there that will make you wish you were already in Thailand!

Freedom Beach

One of the most beloved beaches to be found in Phuket, Freedom Beach, is usually at the top of the must-visit list of everyone who flies into Phuket, is Freedom Beach. Phuket flights are usually very plentiful and booking is very easy; as such, going to the said city for a fun-filled vacation can be a breeze. This makes visiting this splendid beach very easy from both a logistical and financial perspective. Freedom Beach is adorned with nearly 1000 feet of pure white sand looking straight out onto beautiful crystal clear blue waters. It is also, thankfully, free of noisy boats, jet skis and other such distractions allowing its beauty to be enjoyed as it should be.

Karon Beach

Another favourite with both visitors and long-term stayers in Phuket is Karon Beach. Surrounded by beautiful architecture, views overlooking the sea and a perfect boulevard for walking down during the day and at night, it is a beach not to be missed in Phuket.

Surin Beach

The final Phuket beach that makes it onto our top three list is Surin Beach. It is understandably popular yet not overly crowded as is seen with some other blissful Phuket beaches. It is quite possibly the best beach in Phuket on which to dine with friends while taking in the splendour of the wonderful surroundings. There are several mouthwatering options available on Surin beach for anyone who wants some fine dining (at low prices, of course!) while relaxing on one of the world’s most divine beaches. Foreign cuisine is available, however, our strongest recommendation would go to the Thai cuisine on offer that is made with local fresh ingredients and perfectly complements the surroundings and atmosphere.


While there are a great number of beaches to visit in Phuket, these three stand out from the crowd due to unique features they possess such as outstanding architecture and the perfect beach dining experience. If time allows, then visiting other beaches is worthwhile, however, these three are the first Phuket beaches you should visit. Phuket is renowned for its beaches worldwide and so you can visit sure in the knowledge that its best three beaches will blow you away!

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