When in Rome….

Fans of the book and film Eat, Pray, Love will know that Elizabeth Gilbert started her journey of discovery in Italy, staying in the ancient city of Rome and visiting Naples. You’ll be familiar with Julia Roberts, who played her in the film, visiting many of the wonderful sites this amazing place have to offer – so why not follow in her footsteps and visit yourself? With great deals on Hotels4U Rome hotelsa visit to Rome is an adventure waiting to happen.

While in Rome you simply must visit the Colosseum, the most popular tourist site in Rome. Built in the city centre, this was the largest amphitheatre built in the Roman Empire, and remains the largest in the world today. It could hold between 50,000 and 80,000 spectators and was used for gladiatorial contests as well as shows such as mock battles and dramas based on classical mythology. In medieval times it was reused for housing, workshops, a fortress, a quarry and a shrine. With so much history in one building it is certainly worth a visit to this iconic symbol of Rome.

Piazza Navona is home to many of Rome’s famous fountains including the Fontana Dei Fiumi. It’s surrounded by churches and gorgeous restaurants and is a great place to start a wander through Rome’s charming backstreets. Another of Rome’s famous fountains is of course the Trevi Fountain. Legend has it that everyone who throws a coin into the fountain will have a repeat journey to this beautiful city, which has got to be worth a try! The Pantheon is the best preserved building in Rome. It was the temple of the gods in the time of the ancient Romans and was turned into a church in the 7th visit.

A visit to the Jewish Ghetto is a must, packed full of bakeries, restaurants and shops, as well as synagogues and a Jewish museum. This lovely area of the city is also a culinary dream. Why not try the famous friend artichokes or the other Jewish delights on offer here? Another culinary must try is of course pasta. Who could visit Italy and not try a simple yet remarkably tasty pasta cooked with fresh tomatoes and basil, or lemon and fresh cream? It is quite simply heaven on a plate, as Julia Roberts discovered! The deserts are amazing and, of course, you can’t miss trying gelato from the best gelateria in Rome, San Crispino. Serving both ice cream and sorbet in a variety of flavours, this is authentic Italian ice cream at its best.

Whether you visit for a romantic break, a culinary tour of the best eateries, the sightseeing opportunities or a journey of self-discovery just like Liz Gilbert’s, you’re sure to find a little piece of Rome that finds a way into your heart.

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