Movie Monday: Tango Show at Confiteria Ideal

confiteria ideal

Traveling to Buenos Aires? Any guide book or web search will proclaim that attending a tango show is one of the top-ten things to do in the city. Tango is inextricably linked to the culture of Buenos Aires. One could argue that it is the heart and soul of the city. There are so many different types of performances, so choosing the right tango show can feel daunting. To find the best fit for your taste, do your research online, check out a few guide books, then triangulate your findings with recommendations from locals or friends who have visited. We started with recommendations and compared those to guide book suggestions. Some of the top suggestions included Centro Cultural Borges, Café de los Angelitos, Café Homero, and Confiteria Ideal.

We wanted an authentic and intimate experience that did not feel so much like a Vegas-style show. Confiteria Ideal continuously popped up in both guidebook and personal recommendations as one of the better tango shows in the city. The performance lasted one hour, with two couples dancing (both together and solo, allowing for interesting costume changes) and intermittent instrumental and vocal performances. Dinner is optional, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. Although it was only an additional $12 (USD) or so, the food was a bit bland. If you consider that a (very large) glass of wine is included, I guess it is actually worth the minimal price. The empanada appetizer wasn’t so bad. The show itself was fantastic, though.

As an added bonus, the majestic upstairs dance hall (milonga) hosts enthusiastic, local tango lovers who dance, interlocked, to old tango classics. The beautiful room boasts infinitely high, domed ceilings, crowned with softly lit, antique lanterns. You will immediately feel like you’ve stepped out of a time machine and into a bygone era.

For today’s Movie Monday, I’ve included some enticing clips of Confiteria Ideal’s elegant, sultry tango dancers.







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