Weekly Image Of Life: Red, White And Blue

As we looked at the sky, fireworks burst into colors of red, white and blue. A spectacular sight that reminded us of the many blessings of being free to follow our own stars.

Early that night, we started our 4th of July celebration with a parade at the Galveston‘s Seawall.



The parade started off with vintage planes zooming passed above us.



Then came the uniquely decorated floats.



We excitedly moved closer to the parade floats as beads and candies were being thrown into the air. My son gave me a big smile as he ate the first candy he caught.


We got to sing and dance too as the “Dancing Queen” band sang some upbeat music. Too bad it lasted only for a few minutes.


Finally, the much awaited fireworks began. Everyone looked and sounded thrilled as the first few fireworks lit up the sky. It was breathtakingly glorious!


I felt like the fireworks were exploding just above me. So close I felt its particles falling on my hair. My wife was smart. She wore her shades to protect her eye from the falling debris. Yep, just like in the song “Sunglasses At Night.”


We went home still ecstatic from all the things we’d seen. The event was more than just a nostalgic celebration of a priceless gift of independence given to every American and to those who believe that “all men and women” have every right to be free, to follow their dreams and be anything they choose to be. That every person can shine like the brightest stars and be the key of their own destiny.


The fireworks never got burned out that night. Every person who knew what it meant and what it symbolized kept it alive and forever on fire in their hearts.

Thank you for sharing you day with me and for following the many dreams I made. Sometimes those dreams don’t really turn out the way I hoped them to be but the best part is, tomorrow I get to make brand new dreams and so can you.

Anything red, white and blue that inspired you lately?

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Summers, Sunsets And Companionship

Summer comes to mind dreamy days by the beach and countless sunsets that opened our hearts to the things we missed.


Summer is all about bonding, companionship and bringing together friends and family to share fun times to cherish and remember.


Summer help us see the world through a child’s perspective. Magical, optimistic, loaded with creativity and all things good.

Island Traveler/Summer, sunsets, companionship

Summer reminds us that there’s more to life other than what the world wants us to believe. That it has meaning and purpose. That it’s all about living it to its fullest potentials.


Summer guides us back to where we are happiest and most content. It leads us back to a home where sunsets warms the heart and awakens the soul.


Thank you for sharing your day with me.

Wishing everyone endless days of amazing Summers, sunsets and companionship.

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