Rust in Peace

May 17, 2012

Annie’s always on the move, looking for the coolest, the oddest, and the most inspiring people, places, and products. On her recent trip to the Round Top Antiques Fair in Texas (check out our two photo galleries here and here), Annie turned up these a-may-zing pendant lights by Tony McCray of Rust in Peace. (Yeah, we agree: the company name is just as wickedly fun as the lamps.)

An Atlanta-based artisan, Tony remembers a childhood filled with family trips to country-road dump sites, where he and his family found a variety of treasures among other people’s trash. He was also one-half of a Christian rock duo, a landscape designer, and a builder before he finally heeded the call of the castoffs. These days, Tony repurposes everything from ball-bearing forms to roof vents, typewriter keys, and other discarded items he affectionately refers to as junk into some of the wildest home goods we’ve seen in a long time—including the globe lamps, with teeny pinholes strategically placed to allow light to diffuse through the metal form.

“I guess I’m a treehugger, but not in the typical sense,” Tony says. “I love patina. There’s a history to it. Children have sat and put their hands on and learned from these globes. I love the stories and the heritage of the objects.” Tony also believes there’s a spiritual aspect to restoring items to better-than-new condition, and hopes to collect his ideas into a book. For now, industrious shoppers can find him at shows like Round Top and the monthly Scott Antique Market in Atlanta, or contact him directly at (404) 944-5533 or

In the meantime, we say, Let there be light! One of you lucky readers will win the Rust in Peace globe lamp pictured here—valued at $150!  All you have to do to enter is answer this question in the comments below: Where would you put this bit of awesomeness in your home? The giveaway starts on Thursday, May 17, and runs until 11:59 EST on Saturday, May 20. (View the full rules here.)

Congratulations to our winner, Pam from Florida!


  1. LeeAnne Rossio

    I would put this globe lamp in my office! I’ve been looking for the perfect light in there for the last year!

    • Beth B.

      I would put this light in my cabin in Arizona in the butler’s pa try
      Lauren Ramenofsky

  2. Emily Romine

    I love this little globe pendant. I would use it in my daughter’s room. She has been an exchange student in Europe all year, and we are fixing up a new space for her when she returns. Wouldn’t this be perfect???

  3. This would be perfect in our 11 yr olds bedroom! He is an avid collector of travel! Everything from Route 66 ( maps, places and vintage toys) to world maps, culture and more! How FUN!

  4. Carmen

    What an excellent name: Rust in Peace! Now I’m going to be wishing I had thought of that! The globe lamp would be perfect for my teenage daughter’s bedroom – she’s always wanted a globe and we’ve had no place to put one!

  5. I would hang this over my reading chair.

  6. Kathleen

    I am fascinated with unusual lamps and have a couple that I feel are very different. I would put the globe lamp in the same, large room along with the others – the family/media room.

  7. Jaybird

    Those lamps are really cool…I have a great place in mind to use such an item!!
    RedNeckChic said I could come over here and look at the whole world, and she was right!!
    Thanks for posting!

  8. I’d put it in my office or in my son’s room.

  9. Stesse

    This is fabulous!! It would definitely go in our “loft” which is just a wide hall at the top of the stairs but it’s got a nice high ceiling and desperately needs some style!

  10. Jenny

    I would put this in our playroom, it would be great since we will be spending the summer homeschooling about the different countries of the world!

  11. Kateri Steele

    This would go in my 6 and 8 year olds room. They are constantly talking about traveling the world when they are older and where they would go….this would be an inspiration!

  12. This would look SO cool in my husbands’ office since we are going with a travel theme in there.

  13. Oh my gosh… my heart just stopped. Tony is one of my favorite people!!! When I go to Warrenton/Round Top I always think, “oh yay! I get to see what Tony created!”!

    You KNOW I would have been in rock-star OVERLOAD had I been standing in that tent with Annie and Tony talking…

    My fingers, toes and eyeballs are crossed in the hope that I win – I will hang it front and center in my mad-lab!!!

    *swooning in the single-wide*

  14. A…..mazing is right, I am in the process of getting my storage building set up to turn into a studio to create in and this globe pendant would be perfect for it, inspiring me daily! I would love a chance to win.
    and the red.neck chic sent me over

    thank you

  15. Erika Herbert

    I wish I had the littlest creative bone somewhere in my body. I love this light.

  16. Sarah G

    That’s easy – over the let’s-have-a-quiet-cup-of-coffee table.

  17. Hayley

    I would put this in my daughter’s room! She’s love it.

  18. Jen Fogel

    above my kids’ homework, work station!

  19. Susan

    Wow…that is amazing. Where to put it? Hmmm….husband’s office or 12 YO daughter’s room. She would dearly love it…she’s always pulling out the atlas to look something up…maybe the reading area as we are always pulling out the atlas to see where the book we are reading takes place…and it’s so much more fun to do it that way than GoogleEarth.

  20. Monica Flegg

    In my 12 year old son’s room. He has maps and motocross images on his walls and fish tanks ..yes plural…everywhere…this would surely fit his eclectic style!

  21. This is so fantastic! I would love to have this in my house b/c it’s funky, unique & my husband LOVES globes!!

  22. Susan Gosman

    My little office would be the recipient of this awesome globe!

  23. dorothy sergi

    What a cool idea !! I would put it in my husbands office he Loves maps and globes . It would be a great father’s day gift.

  24. There are so many places I could put this pendant light! My kids would likely fight over it for their own rooms, but I would put it in the family room where we could all enjoy it.

  25. Pam Lapere

    I would put it in the guest bedroom where there is still a ceiling hook from the last owner! Just decided this wk to put a hanging lamp in, something w/a vintage vib. There is a travel theme atop the nearby dresser with an old wine bottle in encased in a leather old world map, childhood suitcases from the 50′s & photos of my kids vacationing in Sicily. Pam

  26. Bonnie Cranin

    What better place to appreciate this gem would be our powder room at the beach! How incredibly inventive!!

  27. tracy burke

    Amazing!!!!!!!! reading area next to our kitchen.

  28. Jennifer

    Amazing — love these! I’d hang one in our office over the desk, no hesitation! It would go very nicely with my great-great-aunt’s giant world map (pins from her travels and all)!

    (btw, came here from Linda @ Surroundings)

  29. lulu

    I love these! I would definitely put it in my daughter’s room. Her older brother already has a globe and she *needs* one of her very own! (Not to mention that a geography lesson would be helpful!)

  30. Lindsay

    I would love to hang this adorable lamp over my three kids’ reading nook. What a perfect symbol of true adventure as they sit under the whole world as they read!!

  31. Victoria Athens

    I would put it in my library where I have a small collection of vintage globes.

  32. i’ve a little playhouse in my backyard that is crying out for a vintage recycled globe light.

    thanks for the chance.


  33. Ruth Thornhill

    KUDOS to Tony McCray of Rust in Peace for turning people’s trash into a treasure I would love to have featured in my living room! Thank You Annie for featuring this inspiring artisan! Sincerely, Ruth Thornhill

  34. pattie c

    That would look awesome in my guestroom. It would be the first new thing for the room.

  35. Jen

    How pretty! I would have to put it in my son’s room although I would love to have it in mine!

  36. Kathryn N

    This would be charming in my childrens’ playroom which is in the throws of going from a toddler styled space to one that inspires a tween and her younger brother.

  37. tammy

    My 7 year old is obsessed with planets and have a few globes in her room. This amazing light would be a great focal over our playroom art table. I just returned from China last night and she loves figuring out where I have been on the globe.

  38. amy k

    Future nursery! Waiting with baited breath….

  39. Gretchen

    Love it! I would put this in my son’s room – he loves geography!

  40. kathy o'malley

    Since I do quite a bit of my best thinking in the loo, I picture this as a reading light above my soon-to-be-new john. And now, off to see what other de-LIGHTS Tony has conjured. [Rust in Peace -thanks for the smile]

  41. Jane

    OMG! This globe light would look fantastic in my home office. My husband and I traveled around the world (literally!) from Sept. 2, 1993 to Sept. 1, 1994. Globes always symbolize this year of freedom and adventure and t.r.u.s.t. to me. I would love to have it in my office as a constant reminder that I can do anything I set out to do. Fingers crossed x x x x

  42. Bonnie Ungerland

    I would love to hang the pendant in my son Jack’s room so he can imagine all the places he would like to travel to.

  43. “Light of the World” how cool! I would hang this gem in our small library where we already have some glow-in-the-dark planets hanging along with stick-on glow-in-the dark stars! I have been wanting to replace that old ceiling fan with something creative. Rust in Peace globe light is just the ticket! Thanks for exploring the world & sharing your fab finds with all your Pine Cone Hill & Dash & Albert fans. (Love the hat!)

  44. We are buying our first home (inspection was yesterday!) and I’m getting so fired up thinking about all of the new spaces to outfit. I would definitely put this in my son’s room–what a fun way to avoid the boob light! :)

  45. Ci

    In the Library, of course!

  46. Kim

    I would love to put this in my grandson’s room! Who amongst us doesn’t love maps and globes? They are such food for thought to dream of faraway places and fun adventures!

  47. Maura Glennon

    I would put this amazing lamp in my 8-yr-old’s room – it would come in handy for the many globe-trotting stories we make up together. Love seeing all these posts on Facebook!

  48. Katy

    I would hang this in my one year old’s room. I thinks she would love the lights peeking through at night!

  49. Rochelle

    This globe light would be perfect for my cartologist-to-be 11 year old son who inherited his daddy’s love for maps. What a cool idea!

  50. Rita

    This is amazing! I would put this in my kitchen, but really — it could go just about anywhere. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  51. I would hang this cool light in my so called “reading room” – really just a small extra space with some bookcases, my old camera collection and some framed maps – this would look so nice

  52. I’d hang it from an old birdcage stand in the corner of my living room. The globe would go perfectly with my other travel-themed decor and my about-to-become blue walls. Love it!

  53. Cynthia Pullen

    Love, love, love the globe.
    I would hang it over my chair in our family room .
    It would be perfectly happy hanging there…. looking so proud.

    Thank you so much for the chance to have the World given to me….. ; )

  54. kathy

    My husband loves anything to do with maps so I would let him decide. He turns 50 next month and this would be the perfect gift.

  55. This light is seriously one of the coolest things…what an awesome idea! My daughter’s bedroom would be where I would choose to use this…she loves things that are quirky and unique, and would be perfect for her. I would love to surprise her with this! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  56. Sylvia

    I would love this lamp for my livingroom, which is also my home office. It would go great with my Steampunk decorating theme. Thanks for having this giveaway!

  57. Love the globe. i would put it in my bathroom, so i could reflect on it.

  58. Delores

    I only know I would want it! Once I got it the perfect place would come to mind!

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