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Feeling the Culture of Buenos Aires

culture of Buenos Aires

At first, the city felt too urban, too replicable. I was searching for unique cultural indicators to grasp on to and absorb, and it took about a week for me to find them. Only when I spent a day wandering the city alone, apart from my family, did I begin to understand what life might […]

What it Means to be An American

American Flag

I’ve traveled to many beautiful, fascinating countries in my thirty-four years on this planet. I’m constantly reordering my favorite places around in my head, readying myself for those: “what’s your favorite country?” questions. I used to hate that question, but the older I get, the more clearly I can compartmentalize my experiences and subjectively articulate […]

Fourth of July on Fox Glacier New Zealand

Making vacation plans for July 4th? Why not opt for something completely unconventional and clamber up New Zealand’s epic Fox Glacier. Don’t worry, you can include totally American activities like hot-dog eating and beer drinking. (Reading this and thinking, but I’m not American…? Well, I still think it’s a good idea for any nationality to hike […]

Washington DC Restaurants-Top City Fit For Foodies

DC Food

Washington DC is making waves in the culinary world and is increasingly considered one of the top American dining destinations by amateur foodies and professional food critics alike. Holding court with other gourmet stalwarts like New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and New Orleans, DC is no longer all about boring business dinners on the Hill […]

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