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I’m Tired of Travel

tired of travel

I can’t believe I’m thinking, much less saying typing this, but I’m a little tired of travel at the moment. Let me preface by saying that I’ve recently purchased a home with my husband (our first together), after a long and tumultuous tri-state shuffle between Washington, DC- Louisiana – Tennessee. I should write more about […]

Feeling the Culture of Buenos Aires

culture of Buenos Aires

At first, the city felt too urban, too replicable. I was searching for unique cultural indicators to grasp on to and absorb, and it took about a week for me to find them. Only when I spent a day wandering the city alone, apart from my family, did I begin to understand what life might […]

My Travel Focus This Year: Nurturing Friendships

Why do we travel? Some of the most common thematic reasons that come to mind are: relaxation and vacation, adventure and fun, discovery and enlightenment, to visit family, to escape them…. to name a few. Personally, my travel plans are usually born from an idea of place, a slow and steady ache to discover a […]

Slowing Down on Don Deng Island, Laos

In the lovely, serene province of Champasak, Laos, resides a sleepy, secluded island of fishermen, farmers, and their families called Don Deng (also spelled Dong Deng, Don Daeng). Travelers are drawn to Champasak, once the capital of the Lao kingdom, to visit UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vat Phou Champasak. The island is a natural stop-over on […]

Don Khong (Donkey Kong?) Island, Laos

Leaving Cambodia behind, we headed north and crossed the border into Laos. My posts for the next week or so will be devoted to this small, land-locked country that completely captivated and enthralled me. I realize that Laos is quickly becoming more popular on the Southeast Asian travel circuit, but it is definitely not as […]

Remembering Mom


My amazingly wonderful mother passed away a year ago today. It was the saddest day of my life, as it was for the rest of my family. It hardly seems like a year has passed. Some days I forget that she is gone. I feel like sometimes I pretend it didn’t happen. Other days, the […]

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