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The Best Baton Rouge Itinerary

  How great would it be To be invited to experience your home town through a fresh, visitors lens? Oh wait! I was invited to visit Baton Rouge as a guest! A tourist. A traveler. An explorer. I had the rare opportunity of seeing home from a different perspective. And that is just refreshing, isn’t it? I […]

What’s Up with Puerto Vallarta’s Beach Sculptures?

Puerto Vallarta

The Malecón sprawls along the coast with unique urban-artisan flare, at once modern and colonial. The seawall promenade is the beating heart of Puerto Vallarta, encapsulating the sophisticated art and creative nature of the city. Mexico’s Pacific coast may be known for it’s beautiful beaches, resorts and delectable food, but few people think about Puerto […]

Five Ways to Experience Santa Fe

Today’s  guest post is by friend and fellow travel blogger, Lance Wiedower, of Trips by Lance. What’s the best way to explore a city that is one part Native American, one part Mexican, another part American, and a touch of hippie thrown in? Dive right in and explore the unique culture that makes up Santa Fe, N.M. Santa […]

Nashville’s Sensuous Steel Art Deco Automobiles

Sensuous Steel

There are many reasons to fall in love with Nashville. One such reason includes the phenomenal art exhibitions that pass through the state’s capital. This summer, The Frist Center for the Visual Arts welcomed swanky hot-rods from a bygone era. Inspired by the art deco building that houses it, the exhibition displays the most spectacular […]

Movie Monday – Buenos Aires’ MALBA Modern Art Museum

modern art

Modern art. The perfect compliment to a great city’s classical masterpieces. One of the most important forms of cultural expression, art encapsulates local history and traditions within a framework of larger geopolitical trends. Like snapshots of moments in time, these windows into the souls of a people’s past prove fascinating. An average person, like myself, […]

MALBA is Buenos Aires’ MoMA


The MALBA. Emerging from the rubble of Argentina’s crumbling economy in 2001, The Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires arose, a proud and prominent pillar of Argentinian culture. The museum’s founder, businessman Eduardo Constantini, contributed his collection of more than 220 works of Latin American art from the 19th and 20th centuries. The […]

Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC

What happens when you mix flowers, food, music, friends and that long-awaited for spring-time weather? A whole lotta fun times, that’s what! I’m speaking of the annual, two-week long celebration of peace, love and cooperation between two great nations, Japan and U.S.A, during The Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. Most of the lovely, ethereal trees […]

20 Things To Do in Washington DC

When my friend Lize emailed me a couple of weeks ago requesting a post on Washington DC, I got to work and churned out a couple of fairly comprehensive pieces on the restaurant scene and nightlife. While lunching at one of my suggested spots, she scored a date! I jokingly told her that if she ends up marrying this […]

Umbrella and Silk Factories Near Chiang Mai

Umbrella Factory As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Chiang Mai is a hub for handicrafts. Silk factories, pottery factories, and umbrella factories abound. We stopped by an umbrella factory and a silk factory on the way to Chiang Mai.   At the umbrella factory, we were able to witness first hand how these exotic, quintessential Asian […]

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