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Archive | SCUBA diving

Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat in Fiji

Dolphin Bay Divers

“No road, no disco, no air con- no stress. Leave it all behind,”  proclaims the Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat‘s website. When choosing our Fiji accommodations, we were looking for a few things: 1) proximity to top dive sites 2) seclusion 3) affordability 4) great reviews. Dolphin Bay Divers met all of our requirements: 1) Packages […]

My Crazy Christmas Travel Wish List

I’ve seen quite a few Christmas travel wish lists out there. Some are practical and realistic with a hint of whimsy, like Lance’s or Stephanie’s. Others are completely outlandish and outright hilarious., like the one over on The Flying Pinto. I’m leaning towards the outrageous, and we’ll see what Santa’s got up his sleeves. Maybe […]

Meet South Africa, One Of My Favorite Countries On Earth

As I sit here, watching the live Meet South Africa Travelblogger Event on Google+, listening to some of my favorite travel bloggers, like Uncornered Market‘s Audrey and Daniel, discuss the importance of our craft, I am inspired to write a post (or many) on the beautiful, fascinating country of South Africa. Questions I am so […]

Sulawesi Indonesia’s Dream Dive Destination: Wakatobi Underwater Videos Part 5

This is the fifth and final installment of underwater videos from the fabulous Wakatobi Dive Resort in Sulawesi, Indonesia. As I mentioned in my last video post, I’ve always loved pufferfish. Look at the amazing designs on this guy! The stripes are like a labyrinth, snaking around the more prominent spots. It was fun swimming […]

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