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My Crazy Christmas Travel Wish List

I’ve seen quite a few Christmas travel wish lists out there. Some are practical and realistic with a hint of whimsy, like Lance’s or Stephanie’s. Others are completely outlandish and outright hilarious., like the one over on The Flying Pinto. I’m leaning towards the outrageous, and we’ll see what Santa’s got up his sleeves. Maybe […]

The Traveluster on the Interwebs

The Traveluster has made it’s way through the Interwebs in the past week or two, popping up on various blogs and news feeds. So, I thought I’d take a moment to share these exploits with you dear readers. May I be allowed to boast, momentarily? No? Hmm- too late. Travel Buzz mentioned my article on […]

Welcome to The New Traveluster


For those of you loyal Traveluster followers who have been around for a while, you no doubt have noticed my fancy new site design! For any new to my site, welcome! I hope you like the new look and feel! It has been a labor of love – and three months in-the-making…. I won’t bore […]

When Flying was a Special Occasion

Fancy Travel

Most of you have probably seen the flick Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, right? It depicts the sexy allure of airplane pilots, stewardesses, and the airline industry in general in the 1960s. My Dad always told me stories about how when his family traveled to Europe or Africa, it was A REALLY […]

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