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The Best Baton Rouge Itinerary

  How great would it be To be invited to experience your home town through a fresh, visitors lens? Oh wait! I was invited to visit Baton Rouge as a guest! A tourist. A traveler. An explorer. I had the rare opportunity of seeing home from a different perspective. And that is just refreshing, isn’t it? I […]

Celebrating Louisiana Food and Wine at Fete Rouge

Fete Rouge

“Eric, I don’t think I’ll make it,” I groaned, severe discomfort setting in. “You can’t quit now! C’mon, we’re halfway there!” My brother-and-law and I weren’t hiking up Mt. Everest or even Mt. Kilimanjaro. We weren’t swimming from Cuba to Florida. It was something much more intense…. We were attempting to hit every food station […]

Baton Rouge Food Tours

Baton Rouge Food Tours

Do you live in your hometown? If not, then do you miss the food and culture? I sure do! I’ve lived in Nashville, TN these last three years, and while I’m closer to home than my previous residence in Washington DC (of eight years), I’ve still got a little further south to go until I […]

Having a Baby is a Lot Like Traveling

traveling baby

Exhilarating, exciting, fascinating, awe-inspiring…. and also terrifying, exhausting, intimidating, overwhelming… These are all words that could be used to describe travel, but from my newest perspective- they also describe how it feels to bring a tiny little human home from a hospital. Sorry you haven’t seen me around in a while. I’ve been focusing on […]

My First Time at the Rodeo

This is a guest post from Alouise of Take Me to the World. This ain’t my first time at a rodeo. Oh wait. It is. I grew up in Leduc, a small city in the province of Alberta, Canada, and when it comes to Alberta, this is a province that loves their rodeos. The most well […]

Photo Friday- Toronto’s Architectural Eye Candy

Toronto architecture

Toronto Architecture Toronto is one of those cities that draws visitors in to its diverse, sophisticated urban landscape, much like Disney World entices children with its fantastical environment.  During my first full day in Toronto, I wandered through the maze of skyscrapers with my camera, capturing the artistry of the curves, angles and arches of these […]

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